Dual Language Learners: Who are They and How Can Teachers Support Them?

As August looms over us and summer comes to an end, teachers from all over the country will enter their classrooms to meet a whole new group of students as they do every year. The beginning of the school year can be an exciting time, however, amongst the excitement, there may be moments where teachers,…Read Full Post

What are the Benefits of Teaching Summer School?

When teachers are presented with the option or requirement to teach summer school, many may automatically think of that sweet, sweet extra paycheck. However, when gearing up to teach a summer session, there are a lot more benefits to the job than just the financial one. I’ve been teaching summer school every summer since I…Read Full Post

This Classroom Energy is Intense!

The Problem Let us imagine for a moment the most incredibly perfect classroom. It has an impeccable layout, space galore, neverending supplies (that you don’t have to pay for), and students who manage stress like meditation gurus. Classroom support runs aplenty and transitions occur without a hitch. This is a classroom that provides students with…Read Full Post

Multicultural Inclusion in an Early Childhood Education Classroom

It is important that parents and early childhood educators are aware of how multicultural education–or lack of it–can impact a student’s social emotional development. Early childhood educators have many responsibilities throughout the school day and beyond to ensure the success of their students. These responsibilities include morning meeting, assessments, and curriculum planning, development, and changes.…Read Full Post